OptiFLEX® Reseal™ barrier clear is a new PVDC-coated film that can serve as a barrier against moisture to maintain food freshness and the moistness of wet wipe products. The product was developed for resealable packaging to retain moisture and prevent drying of produce, meats, cheeses and wet wipes, or to keep moisture out to prevent staling of nuts and other snack foods. The polypropylene in this product can reportedly provide excellent tear resistance and durability for repeated opening and reclosure of flexible packaging substrates, and the superior film conformability provides maximum label and graphic coverage. Further, the film clarity can be used for achieving the no-label-look on printed flexible packaging material.

“As the use of resealable packaging continues to increase, there is a growing need in the food market for packaging materials that enhance shelf life by maintaining food freshness,” said Michelle Lamontagne, market development specialist, Product Identification. “The barrier properties of the PVDC-coated polypropylene provide moisture control ideal for these purposes, and this product serves as an example of our continued effort to meet the unique needs of the food packaging market.”

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