Tipper Tie Inc. recently announced that Tulip Ltd., a leading food producer in the UK, has adopted its model TN4200 whole muscle packaging system for its Boston processing facility in Lincolnshire, England. The site was reportedly looking to lower packaging and labor costs for the production of its premium Wiltshire ham product, in line with its customers’ “Going for Gold” standard. This philosophy, among other targets, aims to reduce waste, ultimately eliminating landfill use and increasing efficiencies while maintaining its strict quality standards and production targets.

“With the TN4200 machine, the whole muscle product is automatically compressed and clip-packaged into a single plastic casing or netting, ready for cooking and slicing,” said Mark Webber, Sales director for Bryant Ltd., the exclusive agent for Tipper Tie in the UK and Ireland. “The system creates significant savings over what was a laborious, multi-step packaging process. Product is loaded and packaged just once, as opposed to multiple times.”

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