This company offers the ExactaBlend™ advanced glazing proportioner (AGP), which can be used for cutting costs while improving accuracy in bonding and sealing GRACO ADVANCED FLUID DISPENSE Glazing Proportionerapplications in the glass industry. The ExactaBlend AGP reportedly features leading-edge technology and addresses many challenges that are unique to the glass industry.

Bonding and sealing applications, specifically for curtain wall and insulating glass, require that adhesives and sealants be accurately mixed from multiple components; this accurate mixture be dispensed on-ratio. While competing technology relies on mechanically linked pumps or gear pumps without real-time ratio monitoring to mix materials, the ExactaBlend AGP can reportedly constantly monitor material ratios. In addition, the system automatically shuts down if off-ratio conditions do occur, preventing off-ratio material from being dispensed and ensuring consistent high-quality products. Automatic shutdown can prevent the production of inferior products that must be deglazed or scrapped, costing valuable time and money.

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