The new Therm-O-Flow® bulk hot-melt system can be used for both primary and secondary sealing applications in the glass industry. With material throughput capability reportedly 200% greater than the leading competitor, the systems have been designed to improve process efficiency and production capacity while reducing energy costs and supporting environmental initiatives.

The melt systems are available in configurations tailored to the glass and window industry for applying both primary and secondary seal materials. When applying the primary seal for insulated glass, the equipment dispenses hot-melt butyl to a spacer sidewall in an offline, automated process. The spacer is then sandwiched between glass panels, and hot-applied desiccant or matrix material is automatically dispensed inside the spacer. For the secondary seal, hot-applied butyl material is dispensed behind the glass spacer, either manually or automatically, and around the perimeter of the insulated glass panel. Higher melt and flow rates reportedly directly improve productivity in these applications, and precision temperature controls ensure consistent processes.

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