This company has added the new MOR-FREE™ LPlus1 high-efficiency adhesive to its Dow Adhesives portfolio. The adhesive reportedly addresses today’s industry DOW CHEMICAL CO.: Packaging Adhesiveneeds for packaging solutions that offer faster compliance with food legislation requirements, enhanced conversion efficiency, and greater machinability. Particularly suited for food packaging applications such as ready meals, fresh food and dairy, coffee, and snacks, the adhesive can deliver fast crosslinking technology and improved optics on semi-barrier structures.

MOR-FREE LPlus1 reportedly helps converters accelerate compliance with food legislation due to a faster primary aromatic ammines and isocyanates decay than with conventional adhesives, which allows for reduced lead time and for faster shipping capabilities. In addition, the adhesive can improve conversion efficiency through enhanced machinability and wettability at high web speed due to its lower initial viscosity.

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