A little over two years ago, I adopted a dachshund named Sebastian. He is absolutely adorable, with big, baby-like eyes. At just 12 lbs, he is also baby sized. Everyone who sees him “oohs” and “aahs” at how cute he is. Initially, I was just fostering him for a rescue group while he got over some medical issues. But I found that when I took him to adoption events, I didn’t want anyone to actually take an interest in him—so I decided to adopt him myself.

I’d been working under the assumption that Sebastian’s various behavioral issues would be easily sorted out. He looks so darn sweet it seemed impossible that his personality could actually be unpleasant. Boy, was I wrong. He might look adorable, but he’s incredibly stubborn and oftentimes just downright nasty. The moral of this story? Attractive packaging really does influence buying decisions!

This issue features an Adhesives at Work section focused on packaging. “To remain competitive, the timing for moving a package design from prototyping to store shelves is much tighter; hence, packaging producers are seeking ways to control production costs while still remaining compliant to the regulations,” writes Dow’s Badrish Krishnan. Turn to his article to learn more. Be sure to also take a look at additional packaging-focused editorial in this month’s special ASI End User Digital Edition, which will deploy mid-month, as well as on our microsite at www.adhesivesmag.com/ASIEndUser.

The Pressure Sensitive Tape Council’s annual Tape Summit will be held this month in Baltimore. The event will include technical sessions on a number of topics, as well as exhibits and multiple networking opportunities. Take a look at our preview article for details. Will you be there? If so, please stop by the ASI booth to say hello!

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