3M™ specialty high-temperature purple masking tape 501+ is a new, solventless adhesive formulation. The tape is reportedly the company’s toughest and highest 3M: Solventless Masking Tapeperforming industrial masking tape. Used for paint bake operations where higher temperatures are required (such as in automotive, aerospace, specialty vehicle and metalworking markets), the tape can withstand temperatures of up to 300°F for 30 min. Easier to use and gentler on the fingers, the tape also features a new, smooth backing. The extra-strong, high-temperature crepe-paper backing reportedly conforms to irregular surfaces and resists bleed through from most industrial paint systems. The purple tape color also improves visibility during the paint masking process, while the solventless adhesive sticks to most surfaces (including metal, rubber, glass and plastic) and removes cleanly in one piece.

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