Nordson Corp. recently announced it has appointed Jie Hu to the position of sales manager in China for the Nordson Extrusion Dies Industries fluid coating product line. Hu will be responsible for sales of the full range of fluid coating products, including Premier™ fixed-lip and Ultracoat™ flexible-lip slot dies, die positioners, and fluid delivery systems.

“Jie’s sales and marketing experience with products for paper, film, and nonwoven web converting will enable him to provide valuable service to our customers in China,” said Jason Yin, country general manager for extrusion. “He will be particularly helpful to companies that are considering the advantages of slot die coating as a more precise and efficient alternative to conventional application methods such as roll coating.”

Hu’s reportedly previously served as regional marketing and sales manager for the Hangzhou-based subsidiary of Erhardt + Leimer GmbH. He has also held positions with companies in the fields of adhesive coating and printing.

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