Mactac® Medical Products has developed Response™, a 100%-solids acrylic adhesive system. This system reportedly has the same adhesion performance found with traditional solvent-coated acrylic pressure-sensitive adhesives (PSAs), but without any outgassing or migration. Response products are formulated specifically to meet the demands of the in-vitro diagnostic equipment industry.

“We created Response to be the cleanest, most inert medical adhesive product line on the market, recognizing that the slightest chemical migration can interfere with diagnostic assays," said Steve Schroff, business development marketing manager. "Our 100%-solids coating technology is perfect for this application, providing the performance necessary at an unmatched price point.”

The Response family of products can be used for lateral flow, microfluidic, micro titer plate covers, urinalysis sticks, microarray, protein chain replication (PCR) and enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) applications. Besides being non-migratory and non-outgassing, the adhesive is also reportedly non-fluorescing, repositionable, designed to seal well and can be exposed to a wide temperature range. There are several standard products available in the Response line, and custom-coated products-including free film, single-coated and double-coated constructions-are available.

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