RPM International Inc. recently announced that a new director nominee, Jenniffer D. Deckard, is included in the company’s proxy statement for her election at its annual stockholders’ meeting on October 8. Deckard is president and CEO of Fairmount Santrol, a Chesterland, Ohio-based provider of sand and sand-based products.

“We are delighted to have attracted the interest of Jenniffer Deckard as an RPM director,” said Frank C. Sullivan, chairman and CEO. “While she currently leads a large New York Stock Exchange company, for most of her career, Fairmount Santrol was a privately held business. Her experience in both the private and public company worlds makes her ideally suited for advising a company like RPM, which, while publicly traded, seeks entrepreneurial private companies in our acquisition program.”

Deckard will reportedly replace Joseph P. Viviano, who is retiring from the RPM board after serving for 14 years. 

“Joe brought perspective on brand leadership, manufacturing and operations to RPM, and he also had the experience of selling a family-owned business to a large corporation, which made him a great asset to our business,” Sullivan said.

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