Loctite® SF 7909™ anti-weld spatter was reportedly developed to eliminate the time and cost required to clean weld spatter from parts. This temporary coating is sprayed onto parts prior to welding to reduce the deposit of spatter onto unpainted metal. The new anti-spatter spray does not affect weld reliability and does not need to dry before welding, so parts can move immediately to the paint process. Since the coating is water-based, it rinses off easily with water or alkaline cleaners. 

The coating expands the company’s line of products for welding and fabrication. The coating is packaged in a durable, refillable, 16 oz. metal bottle with a trigger spray. This metal container reportedly won’t melt if inadvertently exposed to spatter. A 1-gal refill size is also available. 

 For more information, visit www.henkelna.com/welding.