This company has introduced a new system for characterization of magneto-rheological (MR) fluids. The Magneto-Rheology accessory for the Discovery hybrid rheometer reportedly enables parallel plate and cone-plate rheological measurements under the influence of a controlled field at temperatures as high as 170°C and fields as high as 1 Tesla.

MR fluids are one class of “smart fluids,” those fluids that can have their flow properties change greatly and reversibly by the application of an external stimulus, such as a magnetic field. These advanced materials have current and potential applications in fields such as advanced automotive bearings and suspensions, tunable polishing slurries, and ballistic defense.

The MR accessory reportedly can be used in conjunction with the company’s  hybrid rheometer for complete rheological characterization of these materials under controlled temperature, deformation, and magnetic field up to 1 Tesla. This can provide substantial benefit to scientists developing and optimizing MR fluids and the devices that use them.

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