TA Instruments recently announced three recipients of the Distinguished Young Rheologist award: Simon Haward, Ph.D., Research research Associate associate at Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology; Quan Chen, Ph.D., Associate associate Professor professor of Chemical chemical Engineering engineering at the Changchun Institute of Applied Chemistry; and Takashi Uneyama, Ph.D., Associate associate Professor professor of Science science and Engineering engineering at Kanazawa University.

Haward is was reportedly recognized for his work in the rheology of complex fluids, especially pioneering microfluidic and optical techniques to measure complicated converging and extensional flows. Dr. Chen’s nomination cited contributions in the area of associative polymers including strong experimental contributions and the development of molecular models for network formation. Dr. Uneyama specializes in soft matter physics and has contributed important theories for associative network formation and the non-linear response of entangled polymers, all underpinned by strong experimental evidence.

Award recipients are reportedly nominated by an international panel of the most established and respected academic researchers from the Society of Rheology, including five recipients of the Bingham Medal from the Society of Rheology. The Distinguished Young Rheologist program is designed to help accelerate the research of new academics through grants for rheometer systems.

“The global academic research community is an important and valued source of innovation for experimental methods and new applications for material testing that continue to grow the rheometer market,” said Terry Kelly, president of TA Instruments. “Our Academic Matching Grant program is one way that we have supported that development for many years. The Distinguished Young Rheologist award is one more mechanism by which we support our leading market position through strong partnerships with the academic community.” commented Terry Kelly, President president of TA Instruments.

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