TA Instruments recently announced it has given its Distinguished Young Rheologist award to Ruth Cardinaels, Ph.D., assistant professor in the Polymer Technology Group at Eindhoven University of Technology, The Netherlands.

Cardinaels uses in-situ and time-resolved structure characterization techniques in combination with diagnostic flow types. Her research attempts to develop a fundamental understanding of flow-induced morphology development of multi-phasic materials such as polymer blends and nanocomposites, suspensions, emulsions, and food products.

Award recipients are reportedly nominated by an international panel of academic researchers from the Society of Rheology, including four Bingham Medal recipients. The Distinguished Young Rheologist program is designed to help accelerate the research of new academics through grants for rheometer systems.

“TA recognizes academia as a source of product innovation and research into new materials and applications that continue to grow the rheometer market,” said Terry Kelly, president. “Our strong commitment to the academic market has been demonstrated for many years through our Academic Matching Grant program. The Distinguished Young Rheologist award is our newest program in support of our vision to maintain our leading market position through strong partnerships with the academic community.”

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