TA Instruments recently announced the latest two recipients of the “Distinguished Young Rheologist” award: Vivek Sharma, Ph.D., assistant professor of Chemical Engineering at The University of Illinois at Chicago and Travis Walker, Ph.D., associate professor of Chemical Engineering at Oregon State University. Award recipients are nominated by an international panel of academic researchers from the Society of Rheology. The Distinguished Young Rheologist program is designed to help accelerate the research of new academics through grants for rheometer systems.

Sharma is recognized for his work regarding interfacial and nonlinear flows of complex fluids, and for elucidating the role of viscoelasticity in drops, bubbles, emulsions and foams. This work reveals flow behavior, instabilities, nonlinear viscoelasticity, flow-induced micro-structural changes, and processability of multicomponent complex fluids such as inks, paints, coatings, cosmetics, food, pharmaceuticals and bio-fluids.

Walker is noted for both his theoretical and experimental contributions to the study of complex fluids, soft solids, miscible fluid interactions, and biological systems. He studies multiphase systems and mechanics of materials with the ultimate goal of providing detailed insight into the macroscopic characteristics of materials and processes through an understanding of the fundamental physics found at a molecular level.

“We value a vibrant academic research community as an important source of new applications for material testing, and experimental methods that continue to grow the rheometer market,” said Terry Kelly, president of TA Instruments. “We have supported that development for years through our Academic Matching Grant program. The Distinguished Young Rheologist award is yet another way in which we support of our vision to maintain our leading market position through strong partnerships with the academic community.”

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