Initiated by Bostik in 2013, a laboratory-house project for sustainable construction has come to life with the inauguration of the Smart House by Arkema. The house concept is intended to test, validate and develop new solutions for construction.

“With this connected house, Arkema sets out its ambition to develop innovative, responsible and sustainable solutions for environmentally sounder buildings, throughout their lifecycle,” said Bernard Pinatel, vice president of Arkema’s High Performance Materials segment.

The Smart House project features a life-sized pilot laboratory showcasing what sustainable construction will look like by 2030. It reportedly allows the group’s researchers and its scientific partners, companies and universities, to develop a comprehensive R&D approach to imagine future innovations based on four housing themes, tested in real conditions in the home: environment, energy efficiency, comfort, and health.

The Smart House is reportedly the first home on the planet poised to receive four international sustainable construction certifications: LEED® and BREEAM® environmental certifications, and Passivhaus® and Bepos® thermal certifications.

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