This company has launched Aroset PS 5333, a pure-acrylic pressure-sensitive adhesive that reportedly is free of hexane, toluene, and vinyl acetate monomer. The adhesive’s high-solids and low viscosity mean it can be applied with conventional coating techniques, yet can be run at faster line speeds to reduce applied cost.

“End-users are helping to drive legislative change across Europe to protect the environment, and that’s moving tape and graphic manufacturers to rethink their products,” said Stuart May, business director. “Aroset PS 5333 adhesive gives them a means to improve their product ahead of changing regulations, so they can maintain compliance well into the future without sacrificing performance.”

In vinyl graphic and industrial tape applications, this solvent-based adhesive can deliver tack and peel adhesion on a variety of substrates. It has affinity for various types of foams and provides anchorage to monomeric and polymeric vinyl. In testing, it reportedly demonstrates enhanced aging performance and good cohesion properties, even at elevated temperatures.

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