A new multi-shaft mixer is available from this company. VersaMix multi-shaft mixers reportedly are designed for sanitary and high-purity applications. The equipment feature customizable agitators, dry-running mechanical seals, full recovery vacuum system, CIP spray nozzles, and touchscreen recipe controls. Pharmaceutical, medical, food, cosmetic and personal care products routinely batched in the mixer reportedly include pastes, gels and suspensions with viscosities up to several hundred thousand centipoise.

Shown is a 1,000-gal VersaMix rated for 28 in. Hg vacuum up to 14 psi internal pressure at 275°F. Product contact surfaces are stainless steel type 316L polished to 240 grit (20ra) mechanical finish. A hydraulic lift raises and lowers the agitators: a three-wing anchor, dual-propeller and powder induction rotor/stator mixer. The dished-bottom vessel reportedly includes a pneumatically actuated flush tank full port ball valve, quick-acting toggle clamps for connection to the mixer cover, ASME dimpled jacket, insulation blanket and stainless steel sheathing. Sight ports, temperature probes, level sensors, transfer pump and a load cell system can also be supplied.

Available in standard sizes from 1-4,000 gal. capacities, the mixer features can be tailored to a specific formulation or range of products for maximum yield and consistent uniformity.

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