This company recently announced the launch of SUNCRYL® HP98 water-based release coating polymer at the Pressure Sensitive Tape Council Tape Summit. Designed for use in paper- and film-based tape and label applications, the polymer has anti-aging properties, clarity, water-resistance, and low-temperature cure without the use of solvents, silicone, fluorochemicals, or APEs.

“The introduction of SUNCRYL HP98 release coating polymer provides the tape and label industry with a water-based option that delivers great performance in an environmentally-preferred formulation,” said Tom Hartle, general manager, specialty coatings and ingredients.

The release coating polymers are reportedly resistant to humidity, which improves release aging characteristics without the use of solvents. Improved temperature and age stability can extend the shelf-life of paper tapes and films, which can be an advantage for manufacturers, retailers, and end-users. The tape also reports strong water resistance, making it suitable for use in paper tape applications, including painters’ tape.

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