Mor-Glo® Ultra G zinc-free polymer resin is designed for the formulation of high-gloss floor care products. The Twin-Linked™ polymer technology incorporated in the resin reportedly results in an extraordinarily strong chemical bond that meets the challenge of producing a durable high-gloss, dirt-resistant finish without zinc, thus enabling compliance with strict environmental standards that continue to be adopted worldwide.

“As environmental consciousness and regulations continue to grow, organizations and institutions increasingly are eliminating use of zinc-based floor care products,” said Rick Sandford, general manager of the Coating Specialties business. “Mor-Glo Ultra G resin has been designed to make sure our floor care customers can support the market shift from zinc-based products to environmentally preferred formulations without sacrificing the quality of the floor finish.”

The Twin-Linked polymer technology reportedly balances permanent and reversible crosslinks, which permits easy removability of the floor finish when used in accordance with product instructions. 

“Our exclusive Twin-Linked polymer technology enables Mor-Glo Ultra G to perform like zinc-based systems,” said Rick Krause, market leader of the Home and Personal Care product lines. “And the unique bonding of our polymer is also reversible, making it just as easy to remove and re-apply during scheduled or unplanned maintenance, all of which is a real time savings.”

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