This company now offers DS 154 double-sided containment tape, a solution that reportedly helps contractors create high-performance containment systems and critical barriers. The tape can be used on a variety of surfaces, including painted drywall and trim. It also offers two tapes in one; the tape’s construction centers on a differential adhesive system. The exposed/wall side features a premium grade painter’s tape adhesive (the same used on patented FrogTape® brand painter’s tape) that allows for 21-day clean removal without damage or residue. On the linered side is a specially formulated, aggressive adhesive that securely holds poly-sheeting, tarps and other protective coverings in both wet and dry environments. The double-sided construction reportedly results in full surface contact with the poly-sheeting, ensuring a strong, airtight hold that can last throughout the job. When the job is done, the tape and poly-sheeting remove cleanly and easily in one step.

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