This company has launched a new website intended to make it easier for students, educators, tape distributors and others to access information about pressure-sensitive tapes. Currently, the site is focused on the HVAC and packaging industries, but additional industries reportedly will be added over the next few months. The site offers blog posts, videos, and articles by Shurtape’s product management team, covering topics such as the differences between HVAC tape backings and adhesives, why some packaging tapes won’t stick to recycled cartons, and how tape can cause downtime on the packaging line.

“In 2015, we took a stand to support education with the introduction of our Mission: HVAC program, through which we followed three HVAC students as they completed a year of trade school,” said Laura Pierce, senior media manager. “During our conversations with students and educators about this program, and more recently about the Mission: Packaging program, it became clear that easy-to-access, reliable information about tape was lacking. So, we decided to hit the issue head-on and created to serve as an educational resource to answer the commonly asked questions about tape―as well as invite visitors to ask their own.”

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