The FrogTape® brand recently introduced a family of performance masking tapes geared for peak performance in marine, industrial, transportation, and automotive coating applications. The new product line includes three high-performance products, with two additional fine-line masking tapes joining the collection from Shurtape® brand, sister brand to FrogTape. All five products combine for a portfolio that is reportedly engineered to make a variety of industrial coating jobs cleaner, faster, and easier on a variety of surfaces and under a range of bake temperatures.

At the core of this family are technical enhancements that add up to substantial performance benefits, all with the goal of yielding higher-quality results in less time and with less fuss than competitive offerings. “When tape fails, coating results are substandard and the fixes can be costly—and not all performance masking tapes are created equal,” said Ben Payseur, senior product manager for performance masking tapes at Shurtape Technologies, LLC, the company that markets and manufactures the FrogTape and Shurtape brands. “We specifically designed this product family for top-notch performance and professional results in the marine, MRO and transportation markets.”

With a specially formulated adhesive, FrogTape performance masking tapes produce crisp edges and remove cleanly with no sticky residue for up to three days after heat and UV exposure. The fine structured crepe paper and high-quality PVC backers of these tapes offer a smooth finish that allows for easy, creaseless conformability around the curved and irregular surfaces found in large vehicles and heavy industrial equipment. They are also robust enough to withstand the harsh chemicals in base and gel coats, and the heat from bake cycles. Cleanup is made easy, thanks to durability that resists tearing or shredding when the tapes are removed.

The FrogTape performance masking family includes three medium-high adhesion masking tapes for water-based and solvent-based coatings. They are rated at three levels of bake temperatures for a wide range of applications:

  • FrogTape 225 Gold — a thin-profile tape with high conformability that can withstand temperatures up to 225 °F for 30 minutes 
  • FrogTape 250 Light Blue — a thin-profile tape with balanced conformability and durability that can withstand temperatures up to 250 °F for 30 minutes
  • FrogTape 325 Pink — a thicker-profile tape with maximum durability that can withstand temperatures up to 325 °F for 30 minutes

Additionally, two Shurtape fine-line masking tapes offer medium-adhesion-performance designed tapes for pinstriping and fine-line finishing:

  • FLC 280 Blue — a fine-line tape with high conformability that can withstand temperatures up to 280 °F for 45 minutes; ideal for tight-radius curves
  • FLS 325 Yellow — a fine-line tape featuring high durability that can withstand temperatures up to 325 °F for 45 minutes; ideal for long, straight lines and gentle curves

“Ultimately, it all comes back to prepping surfaces for the best results possible,” said Payseur. “And, we’ve created a performance masking line that offers a full range of tape solutions for a wide range of professional coating jobs.”

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