AsahiGuard for stone and tile reportedly provides the most effective deterrent to liquid- and oil-based stains that can ruin the aesthetics of both porous and non-porous stone and tile. The product is effective for polished stones (such as marble and granite), porous stones (limestone) and very porous materials (concrete, terra cotta, brick and paving stones), and can be used in applications such as countertops, shower stalls, flooring, patios, walkways, walls, hearths, backsplashes, fireplaces, and pool aprons.  

The high-performance fluorinated sealant reportedly requires just one application added in the factory or field either by brush or roller. It cures quickly at air temperature and is odor-free. The sealant can significantly minimize staining of porous and polished stone by a range of common fluids

“AsahiGuard makes architectural stone and tile resistant to most common spill-related stains. Surfaces treated with AsahiGuard are more durable and easy to clean, adding years of extended life and value to stone products,” said Mario Vincenzini, technical service engineer.

AsahiGuard is offered in a range of formulations, depending on the type of stone or tile and indoor or outdoor use. Custom formulations provide additional aesthetic characteristics such as high gloss, low gloss, enhanced color or a wet look.

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