Dow Automotive Systems recently announced it has been recognized for the innovative development of SPECFLEX Activ additive polyols for polyurethane foam on the 50th anniversary of the European Association of Flexible Polyurethane Foam Manufacturers (EUROPUR). The event was organized in cooperation with the polyurethanes trade media Urethanes Technology International.

Dow Automotive was named a runner-up in the award ceremony in Brussels and recognized for the development and commercialization of polyurethane foam additives that reduce or eliminate the need for amine catalysts and increase sustainability benefits. Foams made with SPECFLEX Activ can reportedly be applied in different vehicle interior applications, including seats and help OEMs and tiers meet continuously tighter requirements on interior vehicle emissions and odor while meeting physical mechanical specifications.

“We are extremely pleased to receive this honor that recognizes hard work by a great team,” said Esther Quintanilla, Ph.D., EMEA marketing manager for interior and under-the-hood applications. “SPECFLEX Activ is a great example of the power of innovation at Dow. By leveraging our materials science expertise, the multidisciplinary team delivered a sustainable solution that allows our customers to meet and exceed challenging automotive foam requirements.”

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