This company’s tumble blenders now come standard with motors equipped with electro-magnetic brake. The brake motor reportedly allows the tumbling V-cone or double cone vessel to decelerate to a complete stop at the proper upright position.

Pictured are two 50-cu.ft. V-cone tumble blenders designed for mixing products with bulk densities up to 150 lbs/cu.ft. Inside the blender, free-flowing solids are gently blended as the cone rotates. To supplement the low-impact mixing action, a high-speed intensifier bar is supplied for breaking up lumps and agglomerates if necessary. The intensifier bar reportedly includes multiple spray nozzles for introducing minor liquid ingredients to the batch.

All product contact parts are stainless steel 316 polished to 150-grit finish for easy discharge and cleaning. The tumbling vessel is driven by a 30 HP brake motor while the intensifier bar/chopper is driven by a 15 HP motor. A safety gate around the blender prevents operation of the tumbling vessel when the gate is open. The finished product is discharged through a 10 in. dust-tight butterfly valve.

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