Green Biologics Inc. and Acme Hardesty recently announced a joint development agreement by which Green Biologics’ 100% bio-based esters will be offered to Acme Hardesty’s customers.

The companies plan to produce butyl and isopropyl esters using products manufactured at Green Biologics’ renewable chemicals production plant in Little Falls, Minn. As part of the agreement, Green Biologics will provide 100% bio-based n-butanol and 100% bio-based isopropyl alcohol, produced from their renewable acetone, for esterification. Acme Hardesty will source necessary acids and oils to produce the targeted esters, including isopropyl myristate, isopropyl palmitate, butyl myristate, butyl palmitate, butyl stearate, butyl oleate, and dibutyl sebacate, with the potential to produce other high-value esters in the future.

Acme Hardesty will be responsible for product marketing, supported by Green Biologics’ green chemistry laboratory in Ashland, Va. Green Biologics and Acme Hardesty will also jointly market 100% bio-based esters into other industrial sectors, including lubricants, plastics, and specialty solvent markets.

“We’re delighted to move forward with our collaboration with Acme Hardesty,” said Timothy G. Staub, global vice president of business development, Green Biologics. “Their rich history in sustainable chemistry makes Acme Hardesty the industry leader in distributing and marketing bio-based solutions to personal care and industrial markets, and we’re pleased to strengthen our relationship with an outstanding partner.”

“We’re excited to extend our growing bio-based product line with Green Biologics,” said Graeme Biggin, business development director, Acme Hardesty. “This is a fantastic expansion of the bio-based solutions that we offer, which include Green Biologics’ existing renewable n-butanol and aceton.”

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