This company recently announced several new pre-applied fastener sealants. The Tec-U-Seal line has five new grades that vary in softness, elasticity, and self-adhesion, for “stay in place” assembly. Specialized colors are available for these and most Tectorius products, offering custom, signature product identification.

Tec-U-Seal pre-applied fastener sealants are a resin matrix sealing and seating material for under head encapsulation. Specifically designed to flow and adhere to most metals and smooth surfaces, the sealants work by compression seating and is an alternative to O-ring seals, injection molded seals, and die-cut gaskets. Self-adhering grades reportedly permit fasteners to be pre-assembled and retained in position until final attachment is complete. The material absorbs shock, prevents movement and fills gaps created by thermal expansion, and its elastomeric nature minimizes movement and resist loss of seating and sealing ability in stressed situations.

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