Ashland recently revealed its new “Always Solving” corporate identity, intended to further its competitive strategy following its eventual separation from Valvoline.

“We’ve been on a thoughtful and determined journey since announcing plans to separate Valvoline and Ashland into two standalone companies,” said Bill Wulfsohn, Ashland chairman and CEO. “Today, we’re both strong, independent, industry-leading companies positioned for bright futures.”

Along with his global leadership team, Wulfsohn developed a competitive strategy that reportedly allows each of Ashland’s chemical businesses to develop its own comprehensive strategic approach as to where to compete and how to win in its marketplace. Each business will employ its own core competencies in specialized problem-solving that brings real and consistent value to customers.

The most public facing element of the evolution of Ashland is its new corporate identity–Always Solving–which reportedly reflects the company’s positioning and people across industries as broad as pharmaceuticals, automotive, personal care, paints, adhesives, biofunctionals, and more.

Along with its strategy and identity is the articulation and implementation of a collective Ashland Way, which is “to respect, protect, and advance the people we work with, companies we serve, shareholders who invest in our future, communities we’re a part of, and the planet we share.” The Ashland Way will drive business growth and shape the organization.

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