A new benchtop RC-series robot conveyor system from this company can reportedly streamline filling and handling molds with plastisol and other fluids and increase dispensing accuracy. The RC series features the company’s gantry robot with an integrated slip roller conveyor system. The entire X Y Z motion system is located above the dispensing plane to allow straddling over the conveyor with a rigid structure in a space-saving compact package. This modular design can accommodate up to 16 valves, making it useful for multiple color applications.

The system reportedly is pre-programmed and ready to run within minutes of uncrating. Motion paths may be directly imported from CAD and graphics programs and set up in the included Windows Software Suite, or taught with the advanced Jog & Teach function, which draws the patterns on the screen while you teach it on the machine. Any file can be modified with a few mouse clicks.

For more information, visit www.dispenseworks.com.