This company now offers the RP Series robots with a 36-by-20-in. work area in a compact benchtop. The U.S.-made robots are intended for adhesive and myriad other fluid-dispensing applications, as well as assembly using UV curing for mounting, tooling, fixturing, and more.

These robots reportedly feature machine-tool quality construction with pre-loaded leadscrews, ball slides, and brushless servomotors on each axis. The large ground machine-bed surface can provide a stable foundation for fixturing and tooling. Parts remain stationary while the dispense head moves from overhead on the high-speed gantry.

A built-in advanced jog-and-teach routine can simplify programming with lines, arcs, circles, and other preprogrammed geometries, including dots and fills as well. Patterns may also be imported from CAD files using the optional graphic rich Windows Software Suite.

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