This company offers turnkey solutions for processing a range of applications in hazardous or classified environments. By weighing, mixing and discharging on a common platform, users can reportedly benefit from improved safety and a more efficient batching process.

One example of a turnkey package is the pictured 10-gal double planetary mixer and discharge system. Heavy-duty helical mixing blades, designed for high-viscosity pastes, gels, and putty-like materials, are raised and lowered via an air/oil hydraulic lift with explosion-proof electrically operated solenoid valves. The motors on the mixer and discharge system, limit switches, junction box, local operator station, platform scale, and weight indicator reportedly are also all explosion-proof. All hardware in the mixing zone is lock-wired. Product wetted welds are dye-penetration tested.

The vacuum-rated mix can is internally machined, providing uniform stirrer-to-vessel clearances of ¼-1/2 in. Other features reportedly include a 50-psig stainless steel jacket for heating/cooling, 2 in. flush cove-cut discharge valve, RTD thermocouple on the sidewall, and a grounding drag strap. Caster wheels on the vessel and V-tracks on the platform allow for easy movement between the mixer, weighing station, and discharge press.

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