Pilot Chemical Co. recently announced an expansion of its leadership team. The expansion also reportedly means new roles for several team members and sees the addition of the third generation of the Morrisroe family–Bartley Morrisroe and Sarah Mester–to the team.

David Waizmann was named business director and reportedly will oversee marketing, new product development, sales, analysis, and the Pilot and Mason product lines. Waizmann previously served as the chief financial officer.

Jeff Baxter was named supply chain director. Baxter previously served as the integrated supply chain manager.

Sarah Mester was named director of corporate development and will oversee future strategic acquisitions and partnerships. Mester previously served as the regional sales manager for Latin America.

Susan Leslie was named vice president of environmental, health, safety and quality. Leslie previously served as vice president of technology and business services.

The members of the team whose roles remain unchanged are as follows: Derek Houck, chief financial officer; Chris Leedy, vice president of manufacturing and engineering; Catherine Ochterski, director of human resources; Bartley Morrisroe, general counsel and corporate communications manager; Rick Shook, technical manager; and Glynn Goertzen, president of Liquid Minerals Group Ltd..

“Pilot Chemical’s expanded leadership team reflects our company’s renewed focus on business development, quality, and customer satisfaction,” said Michael Scott, president. “The new members bring years of experience and institutional knowledge to the team and will help assure our future success.”

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