This company recently introduced active alignment (AA) adhesives designed for camera module assembly at IPC APEX EXPO, which took place February 14-16 in San Diego, Calif.

The EA6400 Series, an AA adhesive solution for camera lens assembly, reportedly allows for product-specific glass transition temperature (Tg) from 0-150°C. This capability can provide an extra performance benefit of ensuring a stable product storage modulus in the standard operating range of the devices for reliability improvement. The adhesive is a one-part, premixed adhesive solution with good RT work life. The products are formulated to offer high UV penetration at short UV exposure times (2-5 sec). The formulation reportedly targets specific camera module substrates and shapes stability requirements, while the high Tg capability enables a strong and reliable bond.

“We continually look forward to engaging technical market challenges and solving problems that offer differentiated adhesives solutions to our electronics customers,” said Matt Perry, global director, Engineering Adhesives. “Active Alignment adhesives have further expanded our product portfolio to serve growing demand in electronics markets around the world.”

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