Sartomer Americas, a business unit of Arkema Group, recently announced it has appointed René Neron and Nick Ferraco as plant managers in West Chester, Pa., and Chatham, Va., respectively. In their new roles, Neron and Ferraco will oversee all production operations and activities to ensure product quality.

Neron began working with Arkema in 2015 as the plant manager at the Chatham, Va., plant. Neron previously held multiple positions with Celanese Corp., ranging from process engineering, R&D, technical service, technical management, customer product support, and manufacturing excellence.

Ferraco began his career with Arkema in the Developing Engineer program in 2005. After leaving in 2007, Ferraco returned to Arkema in 2013 as the operations manager for the Chatham plant. He also served as a production superintendent with Total Petrochemicals Inc., where he was responsible for safety, production, maintenance, and engineering.

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