H.B. Fuller recently announced the opening of its new office in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Inaugurated by Patrick Kivits, senior vice president, Europe, India, Middle East and Africa, on March 16, the new office will reportedly support the company’s growing base of customers in the Middle East. In addition, it will offer manufacturers an alternative source for adhesives and sealants in a market that it says has so far been dominated by one other global adhesives provider.

The new office intends to serve as the base of operations for Harsh Gupta, regional general manager for India, the Middle East and Egypt, who will set up new teams to support the customers in these regions and the company’s growth strategy.

“H.B. Fuller is known for offering high-quality, high-performing products with exceptional technical support,” said Gupta. “The way we will create competitive advantage in the Middle East is by being more nimble and targeted than our other large competitors. Compared to some of our smaller competitors, we have global scope and strength to take new consumer product ideas and make a global impact,” said Mohammed Khalifa Dasmal, managing director, Bin Dasmal Group. “We couldn’t be happier to have H.B. Fuller here in Dubai. They have an intimate knowledge of our manufacturers’ needs and market trends, and are deeply committed to the community. I look forward to seeing their new office thrive.”

For more information, visit www.hbfuller.com.