Sustainability is no longer just a buzzword in manufacturing—it has become a mainstay in nearly every industry, including adhesives and sealants. In addition to reduced emissions and landfill waste, “green” products also reduce the chance of exposing workers to dangerous toxins. Omnova recently developed a line of water-based release coatings that can provide a range of performance properties. Find out more on p. 16.

Finding a use for a byproduct that would otherwise end up in the landfill is a key component of “green.” Cardolite has found a new use for cashew nutshells, which are considered a byproduct of the cashew industry and typically disposed of. Turn to “A Natural Choice” on p. 20 to learn more.

Energy usage is also a big part of sustainability. On p. 26, we explore how Chemique Adhesives added a 30-kW solar installation on the roof of its North American headquarters in Kennesaw, Ga., as part of its corporate commitment to sustainability. Designed and built by Atlanta-based Velo Solar, the installation is expected to reduce the company’s CO2 emissions by 30.6 tons annually, the equivalent of planting 784 trees.

Compared to solvent-based coating, 100% solids coating can reduce energy requirements by up to 95%. “This coating technique produces superior quality and eco-friendly adhesive products, while enabling process operations that are fast and low energy, bringing enhanced value to the industrial tapes and adhesives supply chain,” write the authors of “The Greener Side of Adhesive Coating,” which begins on p. 36.

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