SAPICI S.p.A. and Sun Chemical recently announced they have formed a commercial alliance to market SAPICI’s lamination adhesives portfolio under the Sun Chemical commercial brand name. The alliance reportedly allows Sun Chemical to market SAPICI’s lamination adhesives exclusively in North and South America, the Middle East, and Africa. Products will be sold under both the Sun Chemical brand and SAPICI brand names in Europe.

The alliance reportedly offers a complete range of solutions for the flexible packaging market. “This significant partnership will allow SAPICI to truly value our continued R&D and manufacturing commitment, investments and capabilities, and continually share these with the global flexible packaging industry,” said Cristian Furiosi, CEO, SAPICI.

“This agreement with Sun Chemical will make it possible to provide the global flexible packaging market with our innovative lamination adhesives, including such unique technologies as SAPICI’s zero-migration solutions, thus generating new measurable growth opportunities throughout the industry and its target applications,” Furiosi said.

“This alliance combines the strong research and development capabilities of both Sun Chemical and SAPICI to provide the most comprehensive range of lamination adhesive solutions to our customers in the flexible packaging market,” said Felipe Mellado, chief marketing officer, Sun Chemical. “It also provides increased capabilities to comply with the most demanding present and future legislative regulations.”

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