Ross PowerMix planetary dispersers with PLC recipe controls can deliver batch-to-batch consistency in the mixing of high-solids, high-viscosity applications. Two independently driven agitators, a high-speed sawtooth disperser and a low-speed planetary stirrer, make the PowerMix suitable for dispersing powders and applying high shear to viscous materials without the risk of localized overheating.

Pictured is a model PDM-40 PowerMix, which has a working capacity of 40 gal. The system is rated for vacuum up to 29.5-in Hg and includes a built-in liquid ring vacuum pump. All wetted surfaces are stainless steel 316L polished to 150-grit finish.

The 10HP rectangular planetary stirrer and 15HP dual-blade disperser revolve around the batch while rotating on their own axes at variable speeds. A sidewall scraper arm and bottom scraper attached to the planetary stirrer can enhance heating/cooling via the jacketed vessel. A hot water temperature control unit can be supplied with the PowerMix.

In the PDM-40, solid raw materials may be added through 3-in sight/charge ports, and liquids through a 1-in tri-clamp port. The mixer cover also includes a foam level sensor to relieve vacuum as needed. Mounted to the mixer is a NEMA 4X PLC Control System capable of creating and storing recipes based on agitator speeds, time, temperature and vacuum level. Process variables are entered and monitored from a 10-in color touchscreen HMI with data acquisition capability.

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