Uniseal Inc. recently announced it has opened a 1,455-sq-m (15,665-sq-ft) manufacturing facility in Derby, UK. The new facility plans to produce bulk-applied materials, such as structural adhesives, crash-durable adhesives, anti-flutters, body panel reinforcements, and sound-dampening materials for Europe-based automotive manufacturers. The Derby facility will reportedly house sales offices, as well as manufacturing and logistics operations. Uniseal will initially employ 20 people in Derby, with projections to double the workforce in the future.

“The addition of the facility in Derby is aligned with Uniseal’s customer-centric focus on expanding local, technical and sales support while bringing the supply of our products closer to customer operations,” said Brandon Willis, president. “This will be the third manufacturing facility for Uniseal outside of North America, which is a testament to our growth within the automotive industry worldwide.”

For more information, visit www.uniseal.com.