This company has developed a range of adhesive tape solutions used to affix exterior badges, emblems, nameplates, trims and decorative embellishments in place. Reportedly, these tapes meet even the most demanding material attachment and mounting requirements and can be used with a variety of OEM paint systems and substrates, including painted surfaces, ABS, polypropylene, stainless steel, aluminum, and chromed metals.

Double-sided acrylic foam tapes offer semi-structural bond strength, high-adhesion and good shear on a variety of OEM paint systems and substrates. In addition, they can be used for automotive exterior badge, emblem, logos and trim assembly applications. The Double-sided clear PET tapes, designed for exterior applications, reportedly can resist extreme weather conditions and display gas immersion resistance. They can be used for mounting ABS and rubber parts and can be die-cut to suit specific applications. The single-sided filmic protection tapes offer high peel strengths and are designed not to leave any residue when removed from chromed badge and emblem substrates.

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