RSS recently announced that Alternative Rubber + Plastics will distribute Harmonite® powders. Harmonite is an engineered material that is manufactured in a patented, thermal-mechanical process. It is reportedly a versatile, multi-functional ingredient that may be used as an economical base compound for building new product formulations, or as a specialty performance additive to enhance existing formulations and replace or reduce consumption of more expensive compounds.

“Alternative Rubber + Plastics is the ideal type of company that we were looking for to distribute Harmonite–a strong company culture with good values, market focused, dedicated to serving their customer base, and bringing new ideas and value to them,” said Jeff Hendrix, RSS executive director.  

“We’re very selective regarding the products we supply and the companies we represent,” said Jerry Fasolino, president of Alternative Rubber + Plastics. “We’re excited to work with RSS and Harmonite, and the prospect of distributing a specialized product that complements our existing portfolio.”

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