Dunleary Inc. recently announced new business partners and acquisitions: D.N. Lukens Inc. and D&F Distributing Inc. The closing date for the acquisitions is set for the end of August .The three companies cover the following chemical markets collectively: CASE (coatings, adhesives, sealants, and elastomers), plastics, construction, food, personal care, cosmetics, graphic arts, oil and gas, rubber, textiles, and others.

Together, the companies plan to meld into one entity by late 2017.

“This move enables us to collectively meet and exceed the demands of our key business partners with even greater innovation, imagination, and expertise,” said David Behan, CEO. “The best specialty chemical distributors in America have always been the small family enterprises and entrepreneurs that live and work in the same ecosystem as their customers and their families. This has been true of our companies, and we are all committed to this heritage.”

For more information, visit www.dunleary.com.