Ellsworth Adhesives Europe recently announced the addition of the new Dymax 1406-M adhesive to its product range. This medical device material has been designed especially for small needle bonding. Optimized for 385nm curing of plastics and metals, 1406-M reportedly allows for tighter standard deviations, allowing manufacturers the benefits of LED curing without sacrificing speed or cured mechanical properties.

The ability of the adhesive to cure in seconds reportedly enables faster processing, greater output, and lower processing costs. Furthermore, it can provide superior bonding performance on the reduced surface area of small cannulas, even after aging and sterilization, to reduce the possibility of cannula substrate failure.

1406-M is designed to cure with broad-spectrum or LED UV 385nm/405nm wavelength light sources for the rapid bonding of multiple substrates.

 For more information, visit www.ellsworthadhesives.co.uk.