RPM International Inc. recently announced that its USL Group has acquired Ekspan Holdings Ltd., a provider of movement control products and services for bridges and major structures. Headquartered in Sheffield, UK, Ekspan reportedly has annual net sales in excess of $10 million.

Ekspan is reportedly the third bolt-on acquisition for USL over the past 15 months. The others were U.S.-based businesses Prime Resins, a manufacturer of specialty chemicals and equipment for infrastructure construction and repair, and Applied Polymerics Inc., a specialist civil engineering and construction organization focused on bridges, roads, and major structures.

“Ekspan provides an opportunity to broaden USL’s product offerings to include bearings for large structural movement control. By leveraging USL’s wide geographic footprint, there are substantial opportunities to increase Ekspan’s sales beyond its established customer base, especially in international markets,” said Frank C. Sullivan, RPM chairman and CEO. “Ekspan’s energetic management team will continue to run the business and drive its growth.”

For more information, visit www.rpminc.com or www.ekspan.com.