A new chemical stripper designed to save time as well as lower toxic waste disposal and labor cost, LokReleaseTM 800 series adhesive stripping solution is a chemical cleaning solution designed to remove adhesive products used in chemical manufacturing tanks, storage vessels, baths, pumps and transfer lines. This cleaning solution allows accumulated material to be removed without being dissolved. The specially formulated material takes advantage of Hansen Solubility Parameters, balancing dispersion, polarity and hydrogen bonding to swell dried-on adhesives.

With the LokRelease 800 series, caked-on material swells and falls off in large chunks that can be filtered from solution. The cleaning solution can be recycled when contaminated media is filtered out. This results in the disposal of less hazardous waste, and the elimination of manual power washing and scrubbing of tanks.

Because the adhesive is not being dissolved, there is no need for a distillation process to reclaim the cleaning solution. Distillation results in a reclaim rate of about 80%, compared to the 95% achieved with LokRelease 800 Adhesive Stripping Solution.

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