The issue you are holding in your hands (whether a physical copy or virtual on an electronic device) is the result of the collaboration of a number of people in various locations around the globe—many of whom have never met! From the sales and production teams, to editorial and the many contributors who provided or contributed to content, to the circulation staff who help get each issue to our subscribers, each issue of ASI (and the majority of media you consume), it’s a group effort to get each issue to readers on time and without errors.

Perhaps a prettier example of collaboration is shown on this month’s cover. Located in the center of downtown Columbia, Md., the Chrysalis structure was designed and built by a multidisciplinary team tasked with developing a structure that would be both nice to look at and functional. From fabricating and assembling the metal beams and roof panels to applying the final layer of paint, the structure was a team effort. See “Customized Coatings” on p. 28 for more.

Developing a new product offers many individuals the opportunity to collaborate. On p. 20, a technical article examines a new hydrophobic polyol derived from a renewable source. The material reportedly offers lower viscosity than hydroxyl-terminated polybutadienes (HTPBs) of the same molecular weight.

Teaming up and forming new partnerships often takes place at in-person industry events, where like-minded people can gather and make new connections or strengthen existing ones. Turn to p. 30 for more details about the upcoming Adhesive and Sealant Council Convention and Expo, set to take place April 23-25 in Miami.

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