This company showcased several products within its chemical, polymer and elastomer technology businesses at the 6th annual American Coatings Show (ACS).  Some of the products displayed were:

  • Kuraray POVALTM and ELVANOLTM, known for their film formation, emulsifying power, and adhesion to substrates;
  • EXCEVALTM, a fine-grained, free-flowing white powder that is transparent, adheres to metal and is resistant to organic chemicals. This material is used in barrier coatings of film, paper, and other substrates from an aqueous solution;
  • MowitalTM (polyvinyl butyral), a building block for specialty coatings and films;
  •  SEPTONTM, a series of styrenic-based thermoplastic rubbers that can be used over a range of temperatures and hardness levels;
  • KURARITYTM, a new acrylic, thermoplastic elastomer used in spray applications that offers clarity, removable film, weather resistance, self-adhesion, has no volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and compatibility with other polar materials;
  • HYBRARTM, a tri-block copolymer that exhibits high vibration damping and shock absorption properties; and
  • Liquid RubberTM (K-LR), a viscous rubber additive used in kneading and crosslinking rubber when shaping and processing. The line includes liquid isoprene rubber (LIR) and liquid butadiene rubber (LBR).

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