AWA Alexander Watson Associates recently announced the recipients of its Sleeve Label Awards. The judging panel consisted of Tom Hammer, Séamus Lafferty and Will Schretzman, from Siegwerk,  Accraply, and Verst Group respectively.   

The sleeved cans category had two winners. Safety Seal Plastics of Canada was given an award for its labels on One Love beer cans. In the category devoted to heat TD shrink sleeves, Masterpress of Poland took the award for limited-edition Stock Carbon Prestige vodka bottle sleeve labels.

In the category that recognizes a sleeving project that makes an environmental contribution, once again, Safety Seal Plastics of Canada took the award, for another beer can label, Big Spruce Tag! You’re It! sleeves.

The judges added a new awards category:  Innovation, and the award was given to Phenix Label, USA for its entry of its Restless Spirits Distilling’s Gully Town whiskey bottles. They described the winning sleeve in this category as “a storybook label that calls us to know more about Gully Town!,” and identified as a highlight the monochromatic copper colors, punctuated with vivid blue and white accents, along with the clever use of the river as a window to the contents, whhich exude the historical significance of this product.

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