DELO recently announced its annual revenue results for the fiscal year ending on March 31. The company achieved a sales record of $191 million. The company reportedly saw a revenue increase of 67%, compared to the previous year, where the company achieved a turnover of $114 million.  The main growth was seen in Asia, where sales doubled. Other markets also performed well, with revenues in Germany seeing a substantial growth of 19%, according to the company.

"Even by our standards, this growth is extraordinary. It is, above all, the result of major special projects in the electronics sector," said Wolf-Dietrich Herold Ph.D., managing partner of DELO. “The continued good shape of the global economy and the significantly increased focus on quality shown by our Asian electronics customers gave us further momentum."

DELO’s growth is also reportedly reflected in the distribution of revenues across various industries. Sales in the electronics industry have more than doubled, while sales have increased by more than 20% in the automotive and mechanical engineering industries.

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